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Image of HD 25 DJ Headphones

HD 25 DJ Headphones

The HD-25 has excellent sound quality and good headband versatility which makes the HD-25 a good headphone for active types who enjoy moving around a bit while keeping their headphone securely affixed to their head. The HD-25 sonic signature: Tight & well-defined lows with a cleanly damped sound in the bass; very even-sounding mids, nicely present and quite punchy; and fairly smooth and well-extended highs. The rather unusual split-headband design comes from studio recording/engineering applications where a secure headphone fit is critical. The HD-25 is a highly worthwhile choice for those looking for a high-quality headphone while on the move. The most obvious feature of the HD25 is that unique split headband that allows the band to surround the head like a hat b...

Price: £158.99 from Ligo Electronics Ltd

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