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Image of XTNID PMR446 Robust Two Way Radio

XTNID PMR446 Robust Two Way Radio

These PMR446 Radios, The Motorola XTNiD is the direct replacement for the old Motorola XTN446 two way radio. Working on the PMR446 frequency, the Motorola XTNi is still a license free radio and can communicate with other PMR446 business two way radios. Also as the Motorola XTNiD works off the PMR446 frequency, you can use as many Motorola XTNiD two way radios together as you want.This Robust Two Way Radio With a durable metal chassis, the Motorola XTNiD two way radio is built to withstand even the most rugged of conditions. The designers at Motorola have made sure that this XTNiD radio will pass strict military standards for shock, blowing rain, vibrations and water jets projected form any direction. Excellent Two Way SoundThe Motorola XTNiD has far superior sound compared to the previous ...

Price: £174.99 from Ligo Electronics Ltd

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