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Image of Chamois Butt'r Ultra Balm

Chamois Butt'r Ultra Balm

Encounter the ultimate game-changer for your most intense rides: Chamois Butt'r Ultra Balm. Developed from a cyclist's vision for unparalleled endurance comfort, this balm stands as a testament to six years of meticulous crafting. It s not just an anti-chafe product; it s a revolution in sustained protection. Introducing Chamois Butt'r Ultra Balm, the endurance cyclist's secret to all-day comfort:Sustained Comfort: Formulated to be thicker, providing long-lasting protection without frequent reapplications.Versatile Protection: Not only for chafe-prevention but also excellent for safeguarding any skin areas, even those that are healing.Natural Ingredients: Crafted with beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter for quality care, and peppermint oil for a pleasant scent without irritation.Eco-Cons...

Chamois Buttr

Price: £22.00 from Tweeks Cycles

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