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Image of Dedacciai Perforated Bar Tape

Dedacciai Perforated Bar Tape

The very famous quality of regular Deda Tape in a all new fashionable dress: fully perfored.Very, very distinctive looking.Weight: about 29 gramsColors range: white, black and red

Image of Dedacciai Deda Mistral Fluro Tape

Dedacciai Deda Mistral Fluro Tape

Deda Mistral tape is a finely perforated, skin-like handlebar ribbon, designed to be comfortable and breathable, with a vibrant look.Comfortable gripSoft touchBreathablePrinted logoIncludes plastic end plugs and finishing tapeAvailable in 4 great fluro...

Image of Dedacciai D-Clip

Dedacciai D-Clip

The D-CLIP is a nylon insert specific for the Superzero stem. The clip is intended to be used as a coloured accessory for improved stem aerodynamics. Made from thermoplastic material, it is available in two different colors , black and red. It fits only...