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Image of Olfi Kids Chest Harness

Olfi Kids Chest Harness

The Olfi Chest Harness is by far Olfi s most popular mounting option for the all-around user and it s now available for kids or smaller framed adults with the Olfi Kid s Chest Harness. Simply use the J Clip (included with the camera) to mount this to your chest for the ultimate unobtrusive mounting position.Provides support for steady, hands-free filmingHelps create incredibly immersive footageVersatile design allows you to customise your angleAlso compatible with GoPro camerasSuitable for pretty much everything you can think of, the Olfi Chest Harness creates a truly immersive experience for the viewer. Its versatile design allows you to angle your camera with precision and, as your chest is a very steady part of your body, reduces the natural shake normally associated with holding your c...


Price: £3.74 from Tweeks Cycles

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