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Image of SendHit Fork Stanchion Scratch Cover Repair Kit

SendHit Fork Stanchion Scratch Cover Repair Kit

Developed specifically for mountain biking, SendHit's Fork Stanchion Scratch Cover Repair Kit removes scratches, restores the fork stanchion s smooth appearance and thus keeps your suspension working properly.Ultra tough epoxy resin leaves no marks on stanchions and is simple to applyHelps prevent damage to seals and internalsWorks on all stanchions, including forks, rear shocks and dropper postsKit contains enough resin for 5 repairsAlthough the last few generations of forks have mostly closed cartridges, a scratched fork stanchion may still end up wearing out more components sooner. By leaving a damaged fork alone and still riding, you run the risk of quickly ruining your suspension by creating friction with each compression/rebound, the seals scraping against the bump or getting dirt in...

Price: £34.96 from Tweeks Cycles

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