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Image of Styrkr Water Bottle 500ml - Clear

Styrkr Water Bottle 500ml - Clear

The Styrkr Water Bottle 500ml is a blend of functionality and style, designed for the discerning cyclist. Its 500ml capacity ensures adequate hydration, while the clear design lets you monitor your liquid intake easily. The screw-on cap with a pull-lid prevents any leaks, ensuring a mess-free experience. Its ergonomic design ensures a firm grip, making it an ideal companion for your rides.Hydration Control: The clear body allows you to see your drink level, ensuring you stay adequately hydrated during your ride.Leak-Proof Design: The screw-on cap with a pull-lid ensures no spills, keeping your gear dry and your mind at ease.Secure Handling: The ergonomically designed bottle ensures a firm grip, even during the most rigorous cycling adventures.The Styrkr Water Bottle is more than a simple c...


Price: £4.49 from Tweeks Cycles

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