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Image of Celestron PowerTank 17, 12V 17Ah

Celestron PowerTank 17, 12V 17Ah

With the Celestron PowerTank 17 you can take your telescope anywhere. This portable, rechargeable power supply gives you extended observing and imaging sessions with 17 amp-hours of power in one convenient package. You can use the included removable red flashlight until your eyes are dark-adapted to find accessories and reference star charts. When the session is finished, the powerful LED spotlight illuminates your observing area so you can pack up quickly and safely, without leaving anything behind. The extra large Celestron PowerTank 17 is more than just a telescope accessory, it can also be an essential assistant for your next outing because it can be used to charge drained electronic devices with a cigarette lighter adapter. The PowerTank also comes with a built-in siren and AM/FM rad...

Price: £116.39 from PicStop

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