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Image of Hama Star 5 Tripod

Hama Star 5 Tripod

Equipped with a multi-functional ball tilt head, spirit level and quick release plate, to give you universal adjustment possibilities in three levels through bending, turning and tilting, the Hama Star 5 tripod allows for a wide range of angles to take...

Image of Hama Star 63 Tripod

Hama Star 63 Tripod

The Hama Star 63 is a lightweight, sturdy aluminium tripod with a maximum height of 166cm, a max load of 4000g and a minimum height of 66cm. Suitable for camcorders and digital SLRs, this 3-section tripod comes with a 3-way tilt head and handle for making...

Image of Hama Star 75 Tripod

Hama Star 75 Tripod

Compact tripod stand for cameras and camcorder with spirit level and quick coupling plate. Stepless height adjustment of the middle column possible.

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