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Image of Vanguard VEO Discover 15Z

Vanguard VEO Discover 15Z

The Vanguard VEO DISCOVER 15Z is a compact zoom bag that fits a DSLR with medium zoom lens attached, along with essential accessories. Strategically placed internal and external pockets arrange all other essentials, such as memory cards, cables, battery,...

Image of Vanguard VEO Discover 16Z

Vanguard VEO Discover 16Z

The VEO DISCOVER 16Z compact zoom bag features a streamline design to ensure minimal carrying bulk when carried on your shoulder, across your chest, or transported in another bag alongside a full gear set. Whatever situation you may find yourself in,...

from  £29.99
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Image of Vanguard VEO Discover 42

Vanguard VEO Discover 42

The VEO Discover 42 Sling Backpack is the ultimate transformer, changing effortlessly from backpack to sling without ever having to take it off. You can easily convert from double harness backpack style to a single sling strap whenever needed, by simply...

from  £46.99
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