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Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence, Gifts For Women / Men, App Connected Handle, 3 Toothbrush Heads & Travel Case, 5…

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  • PROFESSIONAL CLEAN and HEALTHIER GUMS with the POSITION DETECTION to reach 100% brushing coverage so you never miss a spot
  • Round head removes up to 100 Percent more plaque along the gum line for cleaner teeth and healthier gums
  • 5 VISIBLE BRUSHING MODES: daily clean, pro clean, sensitive, whitening and gum care
  • PROTECT YOUR GUMS: Gum Pressure Control automatically slows brush speed and visibly alerts you if you brush too hard
  • Battery lasts more than 2 weeks with 1 charge with the Lithium-ION battery
  • Content: 1 black handle with 2 minute timer, 3 brush heads, Lithium Ion battery,1 travel case, smartphone holder, UK 2 pin plug
  • Choose Oral-B, #1 used by dentists worldwide. With a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.

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Product Name

‎Oral-B Genius 8000 Electric Toothbrush Cross Action Black


‎1 count

Manufacturer contact

‎Procter & Gamble UK, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0XP

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3 reviews for Oral-B Genius Electric Toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence, Gifts For Women / Men, App Connected Handle, 3 Toothbrush Heads & Travel Case, 5…

  1. Juniper

    First of all, I would like to say that prior to this, I have used Oral-B 6000 for 8 months. In some parts of this review, I will be comparing my old 6000 to 8000. It has now been 2 weeks since I have started actively using Oral-B Genius 8000.

    Comparison to 6000, My Previous Brush

    The 8000 version is lighter than 6000. It has a SmartRing that older versions don’t have. It is slimmer and more elegant. The lights and icons on it are slightly different. They both use the same brush heads as the majority of Oral-B electric toothbrushes do. Both brushes have two buttons on them, on/off switch and Bluetooth sync/Mode change button. I find that the battery level lights up on my 6000 only sometimes, while on 8000 you can always tell the battery status.

    Comparison to Oral-B Genius 9000

    • 9000 comes in black colour as well as white. 8000 comes only in white. The brush heads are only sold in white though.
    • 9000 comes with one extra toothbrush refill – the Floss Action one.
    • 9000 has a Tongue Cleaning mode, however, I think brushing your tongue with Sensitive mode that the 8000 and older brushes have is enough.
    • 9000 has a Premium Travel Case that can charge your toothbrush and your smartphone.

    These above should be all the differences. It is up to you if you want to pay extra for the 9000 version. At the moment it is only £10 difference so not much if you want more fancy.

    No More Smart Guide

    Some of the previous toothbrushes from Oral-B come with a small device called the Smart Guide. What it does is after you sync it with your toothbrush, it tracks your brushing time, brushing modes and in the end of your brushing session, it rates your session with 1 to 5 stars on the screen. If you are familiar with it, I would just like to point out that 8000 and 9000 do not come with it.


    I find that leaving the toothbrush charging overnight is sufficient for full charge. If you want, you can keep your brush on the charging stand at all times so it always has full battery. A full charge should last 12 days of regular use (2x 2 minutes every day). 8000 and 9000 have better batteries than previous brushes from Oral-B.


    • Travel case for your brush and two brush heads
    • Case with a transparent cover for 4 brush heads that works with the charging stand
    • 3 brush heads: Sensitive, CrossAction and 3D White
    • Charging stand with bathroom/EU plug – you might need an adapter
    • Wall/Mirror Mount ‘Smartphone holder’

    Using the App

    The app is easy to use and now it has been updated to work with 8000 and 9000. You can start journeys, for example plaque fighting, gum health, whitening etc. It tracks your brushing sessions when connected to your phone using Bluetooth. If you skip using the app during brushing, the next time you use it, it syncs the previous sessions. After brushing, it reminds you to clean your tongue, floss (evening only) and rinse with mouthwash.

    You can also use the app to change your SmartRing colour. Another interesting thing is achievements that you gain for completing journeys, being consistent with your brushing habits, etc.

    360º SmartRing

    You can pick one of 12 colours for your 360º SmartRing. I have attached a picture that shows all the colours so have a look if you wish! The colours look better in real life but I did my best to capture them on the camera.

    It also serves as an indicator of putting too much pressure while brushing. If you do that, the ring will be red and the brush will slow down.

    Brushing Modes

    There are two ways to manage brushing modes. If you select a journey, only the modes included in it will be available during the journey. You can add more modes to your brush by going into Settings, where you can see all 5 modes. If you add all of them, the brush will switch to those modes by pressing the arrow button, in the same order as on screen. So if you, for example, have 3 modes enabled, Sensitive, Massage and Whitening, the brush would start in Sensitive mode, pressing the button once would bring it to Massage mode, another press would change the mode to Whitening and another press would start Sensitive mode again.

    The brush has icons so you can see which mode is currently active. If none has light on, the Daily Clean mode is running, as that one has no icon on the brush.

    • Sensitive — I use this one as my teeth can’t take any more hardcore mode. I find it a little less effective but at least my teeth don’t hurt. It is noticeably less powerful.

    • Daily Clean — You can use this every day, obviously. Unless your teeth are too sensitive.

    • Gum Care — Gentle mode for gum cleaning and massage. It should be used after normal brushing.

    • Whitening — Combine this with the 3D White brush head and start the Whitening journey.

    • Pro-Clean/Deep Clean — Suitable if you want your brain vibrated out of your head. Powerful mode for those times where you want to make sure your mouth is extra clean.

    Oral-B Toothbrush Heads

    You can get these here for £12ish or less if you subscribe but you should be able to find them everywhere. More than £15 for a pack of 4 is overpriced in my opinion. These are all Oral-B heads compatible with Oral-B Genius 8000:

    • Sensitive – Gentle brush that I use personally as my teeth are very sensitive. The soft bristles are suitable for gums, too.

    • Floss Action – It has 4 soft, rubber flossing sticks that help remove plaque. I find that it hurts my gums so I do not use it.

    • CrossAction – Suitable for daily clean for those who do not have too sensitive teeth. CrissCross technology is effective at removing plaque along the gum line and between teeth.

    • Precision Clean – The basic one, very plain, usually very cheap in shops, personally I would not even consider it when you can use CrossAction or Sensitive for daily brushing.

    • Dual Clean – Two brushes in one, one rotates and the other one move side to side. Another brush head that is not so amazing compared to others.

    • Power Tip – Great for braces and areas between teeth, not suitable as a toothbrush head to do the whole brushing session with, though.

    • 3D White – This one you would use on your Whitening journey, it has a polishing cup in the middle to remove stains on teeth. Might hurt gums if used on them.

    • Ortho – Suitable for those with braces or orthodontic work.

    • TriZone – Good for daily brushing and gum care.

    Wall / Mirror Smartphone Mount

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 and I keep it in a leather flip case. To use it with the wall/mirror mount, I have to take it out of the case each time. VERY annoying and I dislike having my phone bare and unprotected.

    Occasionally during teeth brushing, splashes happen. With my phone mounted in front of me, I find that these toothpaste and water splashes end up on my phone. I am not a huge fan of that.

    Everytime I use the wall/mirror mount, I am worried that it will scratch my phone. It is hard to stretch the holder on each side while trying to put the phone in it. I do not find the whole process simple or painless at all.

    Position technology experience

    One major flaw is that while it tracks your mouth as a circle with six equal sized parts – upper front teeth, upper left side teeth, upper right side teeth and same for lower teeth, you can hold the toothbrush in one place on one tooth and it still counts as brushing the whole area. If you got the brush to track your kids’ brushing habits, it can be easily cheated.

    Basically it is supposed to make sure you do not miss any area of your mouth but in reality it does not work that well, especially if you move your head away from the camera for a few seconds.

    I have to be honest and say I am not a fan of it. While the app is easy to use and I am familiar with it as I used it for my 6000, it is such a hassle and it is uncomfortable. It requires you to brush your teeth standing in the same position without moving your head for the whole brushing session, so your phone’s camera can see where you are brushing. Also I am a messy brusher and I prefer facing the sink rather than mirror or my phone.


    – Your dentist will be happy
    – Super clean teeth, healthy gums
    – Ability to track your brushing habits
    – Position technology might be enjoyable for you
    – Many brush heads, everyone can find a suitable one

    – Much more expensive that previous versions
    – Wall/mirror mount sometimes falls off – might damage phone
    – Position technology does not work so well
    – Brush heads costs might be higher than new manual brush each time

    Conclusion: If I had to repurchase, I would go with 6000, as I do not like what 8000 and 9000 bring. For an average user, even 4000 might be enough.

    If you think my review was helpful, please do click ‘Yes’ below, it would be great to know that someone has found this information useful. Reviewing is my hobby! Also feel free to ask questions here in comments, I will reply within 24 hours.

  2. E7595Bev

    Best toothbrush on the market. The battery life last a long time. Used twice a day for 2 mins each. Very powerful. Highly recommended

  3. Joanne

    I researched so may toothbrushes and decided to go with these as the replacement heads aren’t too expensive, whereas the I0 Oral B brushes, the replacement heads are crazy prices. I am very happy and my teeth feel like just come away from the dentist. I like the different settings but think I would generally stick with whitening as seems to be most powerful. I am not bothered about the app so this was an ideal brush to purchase. Does the job and I got 2 brushes for £100.08 so I am happy. Would I pay more, not really.

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