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Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 Modes, 3 Intensities, Gum Pressure Sensor, Bluetooth, UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug…

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  • From the no.1 dental professional recommended sonic toothbrush brand worldwide
  • Improves your oral health in just 2 weeks*
  • Brushsync-enabled: auto-detects type of brush head attached and alerts you when it’s time to replace it
  • Select from 4 modes (clean, white+, gum health, deep clean+) and 3 intensities for personalised brushing experience
  • Charging travel case included

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‎Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 modes, 3 intensities, Gum Pressure Sensor, Bluetooth, UK 2-pin Bathroom Plug – Pink – HX9631/18


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3 reviews for Philips Sonicare Advanced Whitening Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush, 4 Modes, 3 Intensities, Gum Pressure Sensor, Bluetooth, UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug…

  1. td

    I got this as a replacement for one of the original DiamondClean models that finally stopped charging.

    I was generally happy with that model as it lasted seven years – I did have to send it back to Philips and also open it up myself once, but I think that was as a result of dropping it (which breaks the electromagnet), and in the end I suspect it was my dodgy repair job and possibly water damage from a failing seal that killed it – so decided to stick with Sonicare.

    This model is pretty similar to the one it replaced – it feels more powerful but that could be because the old one had been dropped and never quite recovered!

    There are a few changes – charging stand instead of glass (to be honest this was a bit of a gimmick anyway), the travel case feels cheaper but has normal micro USB, the timer does six rather than four intervals so you might need to adjust your brushing pattern a little. It seems the rubber seal which failed on the old model has been replaced with a more sturdy plastic bit so hopefully that won’t be an issue again.

    Bluetooth is pretty gimmicky, I guess it can be handy to know how hard you are brushing but this model doesn’t show where you are/aren’t brushing. Didn’t seem worth paying double for that info!

    Overall seems like a solid replacement – the battery lasts one week with two of us using it, and £100 with four extra heads seems a reasonable price. To be honest the cheaper models may be fine for others, I’ve got used to using the charging case on holiday so thought that was worth a small premium.

    Just try not to drop it!

  2. Runzli

    I have owned several Sonicare toothbrushes. Yes, they are good at brushing your teeth, but buyers beware!!!
    All toothbrushes will fail shortly after your 2 year warranty expires. Usually to do with a fault to the battery that won’t hold the charge anymore or the toothbrush switching on by itself at random times during the day or night.
    So I know all that and still I buy Sonicare , but now am truly disappointed. In a sealed box, the toothbrush arrives with a travel case and a normal socket charger, but not with the specific little USB cable that fits the travel case. Tried USB and USBC phone chargers and various other USB cables from my children’s toys but none fit. Now that is what completely lets customers down. Not what you expect when you just spent more than £150 on a toothbrush. Outrageous. Philips, get your act together !!!

  3. Picard

    Being the kind of bloke that moans about everything (i.e, a normal bloke), it takes a lot for me to be thoroughly impressed by a new product. But as someone who has endured two rounds of braces and overly-happy orthodontists, I was surprised as anyone that a toothbrush could genuinely excite me.

    Yes, this set of electric toothbrushes is quite simply one of the best products I’ve ever owned.

    I’m of the ilk that to spend more than a fiver on a ‘regular’ (we’ll call them manual transmission) toothbrush was a heinous crime – nay, a crushing inditement from my old man, who thought I was becoming a little too middle-class for his liking. Strung together with curses and pfffts.

    Needless to say I followed my dentist’s advice rather than his and purchased an Oral-B 2000 electronic toothbrush. I was disowned silently, but the purchase turned out to be a smart investment since it lasted many years. My teeth were cleaner and my gums less irritated.

    Now, when we talk about Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean 9000, we’re looking at a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera. Those sleek lines. That classic beauty. The performance that says “I’m not the fastest, but I’m the most enjoyable to drive”. The beverage holders are lacking, but there is serenity in its adversity. How many cups of coffee do you really need?

    The Oral-B 2000 is relegated to the venerable Ford Focus. An astute companion that won’t let you down; lest turn any heads either. It drives from A to B. And as for the trusty old ‘manual’ toothbrush? Fiat Panda.

    The DiamondClean 9000 comes with two toothbrushes + heads; two charging pucks; two cups/holders; and a quick start guide which, ironically, took longer to decipher than simply going on Philips website.

    As with most electric toothbrushes they are charged inductively – that is, they are wireless. The two ‘cups’ sit on top of the respective charging pucks, and the toothbrushes are required to be placed in the cup to charge. It’s a nifty design since the toothbrush can be placed without precision in the cup; you don’t need to think about it. Just note that one cup is glass and can be used for drinking, the other is plastic and shorter.

    The toothbrushes themselves operate on four modes, though as anyone with experience in electric toothbrushes will be aware, any sort of ‘mode’ on these products is just kerfuffle. The only difference between them is the rhythm of oscillation, and even, you can change the intensity of each one, making them all very… similar?

    I recommend going for the 3/3 intensity. 1/3 is just plain cowardly, I expected more from the Dutch. 2/3 is also a little too gentle for my liking, like taking a stroll on a Sunday with a pensioner group. But 3/3? That’s where it’s at baby. Picture this; Dave from 2001: A Space Odyssey, mesmerised by the light tunnel he encounters on his journey to a Georgian laboratory. Imagine the lights. The stunning colours. The feeling of otherworldliness. Your bones rattling into submission.

    Yes, the sonic waves from this little device do as much good for your teeth as they do to the rest of your mouth. You genuinely feel like you’ve just experienced some sort of orthodontic spa and yoga treatment.

    And, despite my concerns about faff such as a ‘Whitening’ mode, the brush does actually help to remove stains since it oscillates so fast and precisely. Either that or it’s also secreting white paint.

    There is no doubt that this is the best toothbrush I have ever owned, and it’s hard to imagine life before it. Just do yourself a favour and get a quality toothpaste to match…

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