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Sleep Mask, 2-Pack of Super Soft and Comfortable 3D Drowsy Sleep Mask, 100% Blackout Sleep Aid Eye Mask for Side Sleepers with Adjustable Straps,…

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  • 【Perfect Blackout】: The eye mask for sleeping has an additional protective area at the nose bridge, using a softer and more comfortable padded material, which protects the nose bridge while ensuring that no light comes in under the eyes when wearing the eyemask, perfectly solving the problem of high nose bridge not fitting with gaps and light leakage, a true 100% light blocking eye mask.
  • 【Comfortable & Skin-Friendly】: The unique mould of the 3D eye mask is located around the eye sockets and does not compress the eyes for better eye protection. The sleep eye mask is filled with high resilience memory foam, which is softer and more skin-friendly, while the memory foam sleeping eye mask stimulates the pineal gland to release melatonin, a key facilitator of deep sleep.
  • 【Sturdy Stitching Design】: The unique stitching design replaces glue and heat bonding technology, making the eye mask sleep less likely to deform and strong and durable. The sleep eye masks have been tested and the dense stitching will bind tightly without tearing even after thousands of uses and repeated washings.
  • 【Flexible Adjustable Elastic Strap】: The sleep eye mask features a flexible sliding buckle with an elasticated fastening strap that can be easily adjusted from 20cm to 60cm to suit all ages, adjust your size to take the pressure off the back of your head and secure the mask to your face for a restful night’s sleep.
  • 【Earplugs Included】 – As one of those people who used to suffer from insomnia, the designer knows exactly what you need, the eye mask gives you perfect darkness and the earplugs give you a peaceful environment.

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3 reviews for Sleep Mask, 2-Pack of Super Soft and Comfortable 3D Drowsy Sleep Mask, 100% Blackout Sleep Aid Eye Mask for Side Sleepers with Adjustable Straps,…

  1. Fee Gradon

    I orders these as my son was having trouble sleeping as he didnt have any blinds and the sun was waking him up at the crack of dawn and he struggled to sleep afterwards, leaving him tired and annoying throughout the rest of the day. This lead me with no other choice but to buy him some good (and cheap) sleep masks so I wouldn’t have to deal with his grumpiness. As soon as these arrived he tried them on and couldn’t see anything through them which was a big relief as this would prevent the inevitable sun from blinding him during the morning. The cleaning instruction it came with were also super helpful as I didnt know whether I should through it in the washer with everything else or whether I should hand clean it like a maid from 1920. Anyways, my son the morning woke up with just one thing to say… “that was the best sleep I have ever had, thank you so much mum!” which made me so happy to hear as i now was finally apart of the cool mothers society. My only found downside to this is that my son will now stop waking up at normal times due to him not knowing what time it is via his eyes and now relies on me, his father, his brother or his alarm to get him out of his bed in the morning. 10/10 would recommend to any mother who has a grouchy child due to lack of sleep.

  2. Fee Gradon

    I love these sleep masks. They are very comfortable to wear, not a bit of light gets in around the edges (although I’ve noticed the grey one let’s in a little light through the fabric) and the strap is fully adjustable, my 7 year old can wear it or my big headed partner can wear it 😅 the dips at the eyes make it so there is nothing pressing against your eyes (which causes me headaches) so that’s a really great feature. The material is soft and the padding is comfortable, making it very easy to wear. I use it every night for the past month and I’ve only woken up once with it slipped off. Would definitely recommend these sleep masks, with the black being my favourite as it seems to completely block out all traces of light.

  3. Shenaz

    Absolutely brilliant product. The only downside is the price, it should be a little cheaper. Other than that it’s a very good product it does blackout all the light for you when the light is unwanted. It has a soft cushion plumped area just for the area around the nose. The material and feel is very soft and durable. Definitely does the job. It has an elastic head strap that can be adjusted.

    I have never used an eye mask before so for me it gets a little annoying when you’re in a deep sleep and you feel the elastic on your head or as you’re repositioning during the night, you can feel it. It doesn’t hurt I just don’t like feeling anything on me as it disturbs my sleep generally, nothing to do with the product. The product itself could maybe be improved by slightly cushioning that elastic so it doesn’t feel like it’s there for fussy sleepers like me, again there is no fault with the product at all, I’m just fussy. Another thing that can’t be helped is when you sleep, it sometimes rides up so the cushion bit for your nose ends up on your eyes 😅 again that could be fixed by tightening the strap but I don’t want anything digging in. That’s just general use of any night eye mask. But they are my thoughts and experiences none the less.

    I ordered this and it came with one black and one grey and 2 complimentary ear plug sleeper things in tiny containers.

    I’d definitely recommend this product if light is annoying your sleep and you want it 100% gone.

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