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Image of Boråstapeter Captain's Cabin Wallpaper Mural, 8887

Boråstapeter Captain's Cabin Wallpaper Mural, 8887

Featuring a selection of images taken from the Maritime Museum in Gothenburg, Captain's Cabin is ideal for adding an element of individuality to pared-back modern styling. Hang it in your stairway or office and fill the walls with interest and character....

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Image of Boråstapeter Charlie Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Charlie Wallpaper

A hand-drawn children's wallpaper in light, vibrant hues, with squirrels swinging, hanging upside down and gathering acorns. The contrasts, details and vibrant colours get the imagination going in this narrative pattern, created in Boråstapeter's Design...

Image of Boråstapeter Cherry Friends Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Cherry Friends Wallpaper

A playful wallpaper of sweet little berries growing on a tree among birds and nesting boxes. Liven up your child's walls with this lovely, brightly coloured children's wallpaper. Have you thought about wallpaper accessories? Shop here .

Image of Boråstapeter Claudia Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Claudia Wallpaper

Beautiful clouds of different shapes that extend right the way across the wall. Claudia brings a cosy feel to a child's room. Have you thought about wallpaper accessories? Shop here .

Image of Boråstapeter Coastline Wallpaper, 8868

Boråstapeter Coastline Wallpaper, 8868

Drawing on vintage maps of the Swedish coastline for inspiration, the aptly titled Coastline wallpaper reproduces a selection of stunningly drawn charts, which were discovered at the bottom of some old filing cabinets in Gothenburg's Maritime Museum archives....

Image of Boråstapeter Dawn Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Dawn Wallpaper

Dawn features graphic florals illustrated using a delicate watercolour effect. Romantic in its flowing lines and faintly blurred edges, it creates a calming aesthetic.

Image of Boråstapeter Deer Love Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Deer Love Wallpaper

Designed in collaboration with Swedish lifestyle brand Newbie, the Boråstapeter Deer Love wallpaper features a woodland scene of flora, fauna and deers. The soft palette of pinks and greens against the beige background makes it a sweet backdrop for a...

Image of Boråstapeter Divine Paisley Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Divine Paisley Wallpaper

Inspired by the beautiful paisley pattern so often found in oriental art and textiles, this intricately drawn wallpaper is the perfect pick for expressing your individuality.

Image of Boråstapeter Driftwood Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Driftwood Wallpaper

Inspired by the rustic beauty of the weathered sheds which line the Scandinavian coastline, this wallpaper is subtly textured to create a truly immersive interior aesthetic. Expertly drawn and coloured, its soft grey tones are soothing and provide an...

Image of Boråstapeter Espri Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Espri Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper from the 21st century where nature, people and industry seem to collapse together in a dance­like frenzy. It is truly a pattern full of contrasts. The hand­drawn flowers are graphically designed yet manage to wind their way across...

Image of Boråstapeter Eternal Harmony Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Eternal Harmony Wallpaper

Blending a timeless trellis pattern against a muted background, Eternal Harmony wallpaper introduces a gravitas to rooms.

Image of Boråstapeter Fantasia Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Fantasia Wallpaper

How many foxes can you spot? When the leaves of the vegetable kingdom are weaved together anything will appear. And disappear. If you look close enough, that is. Have you thought about wallpaper accessories? Shop here .

Image of Boråstapeter Flora Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Flora Wallpaper

It isn't really that unexpected for a country like Sweden to produce wallpapers that dreams are made of. After all, it is a place on earth full of people who are constantly longing for the season when everything starts to blossom again. The 1950s witnessed...

Image of Boråstapeter Forest Friends Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Forest Friends Wallpaper

Designed by Swedish lifestyle brand Newbie for Boråstapeter, the Forest Friends wallpaper is decorated with intricate illustrations of woodland flora, fauna and animals.

Image of Boråstapeter Ginkgo Wallpaper

Boråstapeter Ginkgo Wallpaper

Taking inspiration from Asian design language and the Gingko tree, this wallpaper is coloured with a chic matte background with an intricate and shimmering floral pattern which meanders across the wall. The ideal choice for elegant homes, it creates a...