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Image of Jaws - Retro Card Game

Jaws - Retro Card Game

Jaws, No Swimming Beach Closed, is a clever and nerve-racking hunting game. It's a fulfilled game of chance and skill for the adventurous. The more you play it, the more skilful you will become.Setting the scene: The vessel 'Orca' roams the waters to hunt Jaws, and a shark fin has been sighted. Beach closed! The great white creeps under the surface looking for a meal, and alas, three innocent swimmers are still in the water...The 'Orca' and 'Jaws' constantly try to outrun and outsmart each other by using hidden movement and deploying extra skills. And to make it more fun, the playing area gets smaller and smaller with each turn! Jaws is a game of sheer suspense and strategy.


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