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Image of Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario returns to a Nintendo console! Prism Island is being drained of its colour in this action-adventure. Paper Mario’s Paint Hammer splashes paint on anything it hits, so he uses it to bring the colour back to the island. Investigate the mystery behind the colourless Toads in this hilarious adventure! Use Mario’s nifty paint hammer to restore colour to Prism Island. Explore and solve puzzles in a world made entirely out of paper. Use powerful Battle Cards to triumph over baddies and bosses. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, you’ll face enemies in battles where both strategy and timing are key. Your first step is to choose a move from your deck of Battle Cards on the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen… Your cards might start off drab and weak, but you can choose to power them up w...

Price: £34.99 from Zavvi

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