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Image of Eisco PH0767A - Ripple Tank Kit - Tank Size 400 x 400mm

Eisco PH0767A - Ripple Tank Kit - Tank Size 400 x 400mm

Eisco Basic and Advanced Ripple Tank Kits - Eisco PH0767A, This basic ripple tank can be used to illustrate important wave motions like rectilinear and circular motion.The tank consists of a moulded frame with an acrylic window, a ripple generator motor...

Image of RVFM Newton's Colour Disc

RVFM Newton's Colour Disc


Image of RVFM Nichrome Wire 10m 42SWG

RVFM Nichrome Wire 10m 42SWG

Nichrome Wire - RVFM NC0100-010M, Nickel-chrome wire, commonly referred to as Nichrome or resistance wire.Nichrome wire is ideal for use in applications requiring a heating element and can be used for ignition in applications such as fireworks and pyrotechnics....