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Image of Bookhounds of London

Bookhounds of London

Bookhounds&39; London is a city of cinemas electric lights global power and the height of fashion It&39;s about the horrors - the cancers - that lurk in the capital in the very beating heart of human civilization A Templar altar might well crouch mostly...

Image of London Underground

London Underground

The third part of the popular ‘World of Subways’ series puts you in the driver's cab on the iconic Circle Line of the London Underground. Authorised by an act of Parliament in 1853, the Circle Line became the world's first underground railway and...

Image of Rex London Fingerprint Kit

Rex London Fingerprint Kit

We detect a criminally fun sleuthing kit for forensic experts-to-be. This kit includes Secret Agent magnifying glass, Dusting powder, Ink pad, Print lift tapes, Dusting brush, Fingerprint record pad and Instruction sheet; everything you need to collect,...