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Image of Ridley's Games - Who Let The Dog Out?

Ridley's Games - Who Let The Dog Out?

Work with other players to find the missing dog whilst avoiding saboteurs in Who Let The Dog Out, a unique card game of social deduction from Ridley's Games! The game is based in the town of Barksville, a great place to live where the residents pride themselves on their community spirit. However, there is someone untrustworthy in the neighbourhood who has let their neighbour's dog out! You and your fellow players form the search party to locate the missing dog, scouting out locations around town. Can you be trusted to find the dog and reunite the owner with their lost pooch? Or will you sabotage the hunt and lie about the location? Contains instructions, 54 game cards, 56 tokens and town map. 4-8 players. Ages 10+. 30 minutes average gameplay.

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