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Image of Ginger Ray Mini Envelope Guestbook

Ginger Ray Mini Envelope Guestbook

This charming piece is a unique guestbook that will bring back memories for years to come. Guests will love filling out these cute message cards and popping them into envelopes - which can then remain completely personal - The bride and groom will love...

Image of Cupcake Light

Cupcake Light

This scrumptious cupcake lamp will make any room in your home look delicious. This lamp is battery powered so you can place it anywhere in your home.

Image of USB Cupcake Mug Warmer

USB Cupcake Mug Warmer

Hot drinks are meant to be hot, it’s in the name for crying out loud. Be wise and use the USB Cupcake Mug Warmer. Ideal for all flat bottomed mugs and metal cups, the USB Cupcake Mug Warmer is rather unsurprisingly shaped like a cupcake, only this...