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Image of Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Join the latest craze with the Fidget Spinner, perfect for anyone who can’t sit still or with hands that have a tendency to fiddle. With high quality ball bearings, the spinner offers a fast spin that is quiet and smooth. The well-balanced gadget will...

Image of ALEX Fantastic Spinner Kit

ALEX Fantastic Spinner Kit

Unleash creativity when kids get their hands on this ALEX Fantastic Spinner Kit! Make spintacular works of art by squeezing the handle and dripping the paint. No batteries are required because this kit is powered by kids! This set includes 4 bottles of...

Image of Arm spinner Flowringz Silver

Arm spinner Flowringz Silver

A call it the "Arm-Spinner" and the other the "Top-Trend 2018". But no matter how it is called, already after a short time, you addicted to him. The first detect hidden metal braiding poppt on and can be glide along the arm. Cool tricks, rotations or...