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Image of Spank Valves for Tubeless Rim

Spank Valves for Tubeless Rim

. Spank has been designing, developing, and manufacturing the world’s top MTB wheels and spares for over a decade, with safe, environmentally sustainable materials Features: 36mm Shaft/51mm total length Removable valve core for sealant injection Presta...

Image of Peatys Tubeless Valves (Pair)

Peatys Tubeless Valves (Pair)

. These tubeless valves from Peaty's are made from lightweight anodised aluminium which is not only low in weight but also impressively durable for long-lasting use. Its universal 40mm length is compatible with most tubeless rims including carbon, Enduro...

Image of Specialized Roval Tubeless Valves

Specialized Roval Tubeless Valves

Roval rim specific tubeless valves are designed to match our rim profiles and provide a better seal than previous generation valves.Constructed of lightweight aluminiumRemovable valve core2 per pack.Mated with a seal which is specific to different rim...