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Image of Mares Dive Link USB Interface

Mares Dive Link USB Interface

The Mares Dive Link USB Interface lets you download your dives from your Mares Computer to your desktop using the Mares Dive Organizer ProgramSpecifications For downloading logbook from Smart and Puck Pro to PC or Mac For upgrading firmware on Smart and...

Image of Mares Genius Dive Computer

Mares Genius Dive Computer

The Mares Genius Dive Computer is a colour screen dive computer made for any diver whether you dive air, nitrox EANx or Trimix.  The large backlit colour screen is colour coded to tell you exactly what you need to know and draw your attention to key...

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Image of Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

Mares Quad Air Dive Computer

The Mares Quad Air Dive Computer is an upgraded version of the Quad Dive Computer to include wireless air integration with an optional Transmitter fitted to your regulator.  The large display is easy to read in all circumstances and the design of the...

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