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Image of Mares Abyss Octopus

Mares Abyss Octopus

The Mares Abyss Octopus is designed to be paired with the matching Abyss regulator to provide a full high performance coldwater regulator set up. The Abyss uses a full metal housing to provide excellent thermal transfer properties that help to improve cold water reliability and performance.   A bypass tube delivers air directly to the mouthpiece for rapid response that also works to create a low pressure area behind the diaphragm, drawing it inwards to opening the valve faster and wider for increased flow. This prevents a fluttering breathe so you always get a smooth delivery of air.   The Abyss Octopus is fitted with a mesh grid design that helps to reduce the impact that strong currents has on the diaphragm which might otherwise cause the valve to flutter or cause freeflows. The octopu...

Price: £129.00 from Simply Scuba Ltd

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Image of Mares Abyss 52x Regulator

Mares Abyss 52x Regulator

The Mares Abyss 52x Regulator is a robust and smooth regulator packed full of features and perfect for both cold and warm waters.  The metal body of the Abyss makes it much stronger than traditional materials and also acts as a heat sync to improve cold...

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Image of Mares Octopus Carbon

Mares Octopus Carbon

The Mares Carbon Octopus is the perfect light-weight accompanyment to your Mares regulator set. Carbon fibre material is both lightweight and strong with a great thermal conductivity needed in 2nd stages. The Bypass Tube and VAD help deliver a smooth...

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Image of Mares Rover Octopus

Mares Rover Octopus

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Image of Mares Unisex's Abyss Second Stage Membrane Octopus Black, Size NR

Mares Unisex's Abyss Second Stage Membrane Octopus Black, Size NR

Heavy-duty octopus for demanding dives. Nickel and chrome-plated brass case. Perfect match with All Metal regulator line.

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Image of Mares Abyss 52 – Prestige Octopus/Cruise Reg Regulator Set

Mares Abyss 52 – Prestige Octopus/Cruise Reg Regulator Set

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Image of octopus ABYSS

octopus ABYSS


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