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Image of NamedSport Sport Gel - Box of 15 x 25ml

NamedSport Sport Gel - Box of 15 x 25ml

The Sport Gel from NamedSport provides continuous and gradual energy release from simple and complex carbohydrates. A pure and refreshing taste that utilises 5 carbohydrates with different absorption rates to provide a constant source of energy, ideal for longer rides and races.With low GI Isomaltulose Palatinose Featuring a caffeine boost, ideal to take on the final stage of a race. Caffeine helps improve concentration, alertness and contributes to an increase in endurance performanceDelivers Maltodextrin with different release D.E.No mess, access made simple with easy-to-use strawPerfect consistency, no water neededThis Sport Gel is perfect for before and during your rides as and when you need it to top up energy levels. It s got a caffeine boost that helps improve concentration, alertne...

Price: £16.88 from Tweeks Cycles

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