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Image of Santi Santi Vest Combo Plus

Santi Santi Vest Combo Plus

The Santi Vest Combo+ combines Santi's compact 6Ah Battery with a heated under vest and a Thermovalve to keep your core warm in the coldest waters. If you dive in a drysuit and still feel the cold then the Combo+ set will keep you warm for over an hour...

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Image of Santi 2 x 5mm Hood

Santi 2 x 5mm Hood

The Santi 2x5mm Hood is a dual layer hood with a zipper for a warm hood that fits well and is easy to put on and take off. This double hood has one 5mm hood that fits over your head with a comfortable chin section and a second 5mm hood built into it with...

Image of Santi 9mm Hood

Santi 9mm Hood

The Santi 9mm Hood is a thick hood to keep you warm in the coldest waters. 9mm neoprene around your head keeps you warm and thinner 7mm neoprene around your face and neck improve movement and comfort.