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Image of Scubapro Knife Mounting Plate

Scubapro Knife Mounting Plate

The Scubapro Knife Mounting Plate is a simple piece of kit that lines up the grommet holes in your Scubapro BCD and lets you bolt selected knives onto it.

Image of Lezyne Mounting Strap Y9

Lezyne Mounting Strap Y9

The Lezyne Mounting strap is a replacement strap for your Lezyne Lights.

Image of Scubapro FS2 Compass and Retractor

Scubapro FS2 Compass and Retractor

The FS2 Compass with boot and retractor can be easily attached to your BCD rather than worn on the wrist. The FS2 Scubapro Compass has a luminous dial to allow easy reading in low lights and has a side window meaning it can be read while swimming. Features...